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Are you ready to take the next steps with your website? Is the prospect of owning a website overwhelming? Are you looking for a company that is easy to work with, has access to experts, and will warn you of bad design and marketing practices that may harm your business success?

Kim Krause Berg, President and Usability Specialist for Creative Vision Web Consulting, has helped countless websites for nearly 20 years working as a web designer, search engine marketer and web site peformance tester. She knows how to make websites work for special needs people, meeting both USA and UK Accessibility Compliance Guidelines. She has practiced organic SEO since it was first invented. In fact, she was one of its earliest teachers. She tests websites and online software applications to be sure they meet stakeholder and target user requirements.

And that's just for starters.

Located in beautiful Upper Bucks County, PA, Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC is the next step in a 20 year career path that began when websites were just getting started. Formerly known as, today's website creative vision brings together an enormous variety of specific skills from web design and marketing, to video and mobile devices. Whether you want a simple website or require full-throttle marketing, design and conversions corporate planning, every free quote is customized, fair, and devoted to your online success. In 1995 Kim began designing websites and was part of the pioneering days of search engine optimization and the early search engines. In 2000 she was trained in Human Factors and software QA testing. Her passion is making websites work for everyone, on all devices. Her working knowledge of accessibility compliance, SEO and information architecture provide a robust, uniquely cross trained approach to her consulting practice. Kim is a teacher, columnist, forums founder, speaker and writer partnered with experts on hand and ready to assist with any consulting project.

Your website has a big job to do. Kim's role is to help you make it, market it, test it and love it. Contact Kim for a full listing of services. Here is a sample:

Site feedback by phone

Usability and user interface review, audit, testing

Information architecture

Accessibility standards design and testing

Software application usability, user interface and functional testing

Web site requirements gathering and documentation, user personas

SEO Audits, Marketing Strategies

Professional videos

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Kim Krause Berg is famous for being easy to work with. She is a visionary willing to explore the experience of being on the Web and helping you make cost effective and safe decisions. Contact her here.

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A popular conference speaker who loves teaching, Kim is available for speaking opportunities, book reviews and interviews. She is partnered with experts in SEO, Video and Digital Marketing to enable her to provide only the most credible, professional, trustworthy additional services that you may require. All client work is strictly confidential. She provides usabilty site audits and web site redesigns for some of the largest marketing companies in the world as a silent partner. She is devoted to her local community as well, making small sites in Responsive (Mobile) Design or WordPress. Please visit for additional information and full credentials.


Dear SEO - It is About Ego, Not Ethics

Several years ago I listened to a talk at a search engine marketing conference where the speaker insisted that whatever we were charging, triple it.

Published on October 7, 2014| Written by Kim Krause Berg

The Difference Between Usability and Yousability

Your website, software and product are mapped out but your customers don't know each other. You don't know them either. They could create something together that you never ever dreamed possible. That companies are not willing to even invest in considering this is contributing to their failure.

Examining the experience beyond the whiteboard is not tangible so it is not considered. For all the hype about being "experience" oriented, the fact is that your experience is unknown and you are out of the loop because you don't exist. You are a user. A piece of data.

Published on September 11, 2014 | Written by Kim Krause Berg


What is Your Website Plan?

What do you expect from me and how can I help?

I can't tell you in five minutes how to increase conversions because your website is unique. When you hire Kim Krause Berg for any type of usability service, you get two people for the price of one, an advocate for your web site visitors and expert advice and feedback on your plans. I guarantee you that when you implement the recommendations I give you, your conversions will increase immediately.

Published on July 12, 2014| Written by Kim Krause Berg


Pump it Up! Learn How to Increase Website Conversions with Free Ebook

Despite the popularity of Steve Krug’s famous book on web site design, “Don’t Make Me Think,” the sad truth is that most web sites have not solved this basic problem. In fact, web pages not only ask us to think, they force us to wait to get to the information in the first place.

What do we think about? We think about what the web page is about. We consider if the page meets our expectations regarding its content. For example, does it answer a question or provide the information we want? We think about where to find more information by reviewing navigation and text links. In the first few seconds, we also verify that we are in the right place and we look for signals like a familiar logo, product pictures and pictures of people. Thinking means understanding what we see and read.

Published on September 26, 2014| Written by Kim Krause Berg

The End of Civil Online Discussions

I moderated email lists in the mid-1990's when we got everything in our inbox. Moderating online discussions was about teaching the group how to talk to each other with courtesy and respect. The era of chat rooms is a fading memory but I was never treated rudely. I cut my moderating and online discussion skills in the darkest corners of the Web, when the adult industry was breaking barriers and search engine ground, and every hobby, church, organization and industry had email discussion groups.

Published on August 22, 2014| Written by Kim Krause Berg


A Matter of Perspective

I also heard, correctly or not, that the negative events happening in the world are not so bad because they provide the opportunity for us to bless the lessons we will learn. That is not how mainstream people see the world. I felt angry because while people who have reached this level of awareness can and do view events like terrorism, war, white cops killing black men and political turmoil as opportunities to send love and benevolent prayers, the majority of people I know are in the thick of depression, fear and stress, especially young people. The Light, to me, has a long way to go before I would be satisfied that it is seen and felt by the world majority.

Published on September 8, 2014| Written by Kim Krause Berg